Someone Ate A Sandwich Made Of All McDonald’s Dollar Menu Items Because Why Not?

There’s only so much time left before the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a thing of the past, when it becomes the Dollar And More For Some Stuff Because We Need Money Menu. That makes right this very moment in time just right for someone to make a sandwich including all the items on the Dollar Menu. Thank goodness that someone wasn’t us.

Stomachs stronger than those currently on duty at Consumerist mustered up the culinary courage to order everything on the nearest Dollar Menu and smush it into a McMontrosity, as Thrillist calls its creation.

Sure, you’ll still be able to buy all the items in order to make the same sandwich later, but it’ll cost more. So it’s definitely important to science and stuff that it happened now.

Sandwich roll call!: A” fruity yogurt parfait, a McChicken, a regular cheeseburger, two chocolate chip cookies, a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger with white cheddar that’s just American, and a side salad with some lettuce chunks that were browner than the burgers.” Alas, the Mickey D’s employees forget the ranch dressing and splurge of $2 french fries, so those were out.

Using the cheeseburger as the base due to its sturdy nature, cookies were piled on top to continue stabilizing the sandwich. Chicken, salad and that ooey gooey parfait came next before the final topping of a grilled onion cheddar burger. Aaaaaaaaand cue stomach-turning shudder along with a sincere wish that you’ve eaten lunch already.

The conclusion? “This was one of the grossest combinations of grease and sugar since the Jersey Shore crew worked at an ice cream shop. Heyooo! That said, we finished it.”

That’s more than we could stomach. Literally. But not more than the McEverything guy.

Here’s a sandwich made of EVERYTHING on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu [Thrillist]

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  1. arbyrb says:

    This comment thing is taking off like a house a’fire, isn’t it?
    That said, thanks Consumerist.

    • Dord says:

      More like flame broiled. Oh wait, this is a McDonalds piece so it’s been nuked. :)

    • BluePumpkin says:

      I hope someone is keeping the extinguishers and s’mores handy! Yay for a toasty comment section!

      Thanks Consumerist!!!

    • ConsumeristModeratorRoz says:

      Remember, we’re doing staged rollouts so it’s expected to be a bit quiet at first. :)

  2. nandre says:

    Needs more McRib


  3. MBQConsumerist says:

    Slowly but surely, folks… Thanks for trying out the new system, and make sure to send us any feedback you’ve got.