Cleaners Find Load Of Gold Bars In Airplane Toilet Worth $1.8M

When you’re responsible for cleaning airplane lavatories, we imagine there aren’t a lot of perks to scrubbing out toilets used by hundreds of passengers. So we can only hope that the cleaners who discovered 280 gold bars in a plane toilet get to keep a couple, just to even out the balance in the universe.

The  Daily Mail says the $1.8 million or so in precious bricks were on board a flight from Dubai to Bangladesh.

Customs officials say they knew the bars were going to be on that plane, and figure that the person carrying them got squeamish about police and dumped them in the toilet before running.

While it’s tough enough to pack so lightly that your bag will fit an overhead bin, much less lug a bunch of metal bars in your carry-on, this apparently isn’t the first time the airport has seen its share of glitter: In just the last eight months, officials have pulled in more than 100 hauls of gold weighing around 727 pounds as well as other precious items.

Once you’ve pushed your loot into the toilet you’ve gotta figure you’re saying goodbye to it forever. Because, eww. Forever tainted.

Panning for gold: Cleaners discover 280 ingots worth £1.17million inside plane’s toilet [Daily Mail]

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