When You’re Eating Your Free Cupcakes At Red Roof Inn You’ll Have Me To Thank

Image courtesy of Sleeping cat beads

So it turns out Red Roof Inn really was listening to feedback all those years ago back in 2011 (all those = more than one) when I made note of Red Roof Inn’s mission to implement changes customers actually wanted. Although it took President Andrew Alexander a bit of time to respond to a request I made so long ago, he’s gone ahead and done so.

In 2011 the big news for Red Roof Inns is that it had redesigned some of its rooms after surveying customers to see what they’d like.

On the top of the list for guests is more electrical outlets in the rooms, for plugging in all the various technological accoutrements we travel with these days. Red Roof Inn has pledged a minimum of four extra outlets in each room.

I made a joke at the end, a real kicker, of course, yukking it up with: “Apparently they didn’t get my suggestion for free cupcakes every morning. Oh well!”

I received the below email Thursday night and was first quite confused — as my colleague Chris Morran pointed out, it’s not every day the president of a national motel chain writes to answer a question that was never asked.

But then I reached back into the dark spaces of my mind (again, two entire years) and discovered I had asked a question, sort of, and here was my answer from Alexander:

While we can’t implement EVERY guest idea, they are ALL important to us and we are always listening.

Cupcakes every morning, hmmm…, we’ll consider it!

Better late than never, right? And when you’re all covered in glorious, delicious frosting from free cupcakes at Red Roof Inn someday, you can thank me.

(And also thank Boss Meg for contributing this post’s headline — teamwork! )

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