This 1976 Commercial Shows How People Never Used To Feel About Kmart

In the company’s early history about a hundred years ago, a now-familiar brand was called Kresge. That doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily, so in the ’60s they changed their name to Kmart. You know, that store where other kids in school made fun of you for buying your clothes there. It’s still around, of course, but people just aren’t as enthusiastic about it as they apparently were in this 1976 commercial.

Witness these vintage ads. This one from 1976 will get stuck in your head:

My parents still have the blender shown in this ad.

I bet you didn’t know that Martha Stewart was sharing her wisdom through Kmart ads back in the ’80s.

To see the full horror and some more contemporary ads, here’s a handy YouTube playlist that you may enjoy.

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