grand re-opening

Nicholas Eckhart

Kmart Holds ‘Grand Re-Opening’ For Millennial-Focused Illinois Store

What do millennials––a generation loosely defined as “anyone younger than Consumerist’s senior staff”––want from the physical stores that they still visit? Discount chain Kmart hopes to solve that mystery, re-opening an existing store near its headquarters as a “revitalized and refreshed” concept store intended to attract younger shoppers. [More]


Amy’s Baking Company Reopens, Offers Disappointingly Little Drama

The Internet was ready for the re-opening of bakery, bistro, and Internet drama factory Amy’s Baking Company. One woman who couldn’t get a reservation literally sat outside of the place munching on popcorn, waiting for…explosions? People with Yelp accounts being ejected from the building with a cannon? Whatever spectators were waiting for, they didn’t get it. The massive security presence at the grand re-opening saw to that. [More]