Appearances Aren’t Deceptive: Axe Didn’t Shrink-Ray Hair Products

It’s probably sad that we have to go out of our way and celebrate every time that a company redesigns a product’s packaging and doesn’t reduce the amount of product in the package while keeping the same price. Yet it’s a noteworthy enough occurrence that we like to call attention to and praise the companies that aren’t shaving a little or a lot off in the name of cost-cutting. Sure, not everyone likes the smell of Axe, and their some of their marketing is problematic. Their non-shrinkage of their pomade, though, is pretty great. Reader Rob writes:

I thought I found a shrink ray culprit, especially since the container looks smaller, however they passed up the urge to skimp and kept the same amount of product.

axe axe2 Maybe they’re even using less plastic at the same time they continue to sell consumers the same amount of product. What a concept!