18 Photos That Prove The Impending Demise Of Sears

As we’ve often discussed on this site, Sears doesn’t seem to want to sell merchandise to customers anymore. They’re apparently more interested in selling the real estate that their stores sit on. We know many talented and dedicated Sears employees, but the big picture remains grim. Want concrete proof that will make you sad? You could visit your local store, or just look at these pictures.

I could show you pictures of my local Sears, but it’s probably the exception because half of the store has been rented and is going to become a Whole Foods. Stock analyst Brian Sozzi visited some stores around New York and New Jersey and took these sad, sad photos.

We didn’t publish them all: you can check out the whole slideshow of sadness over on the source blog post.




Empty shelves, filthy rugs…is this where you want to shop? Does this invite consumers? The thing with displays and mannequins, Sozzi explains, is that they exist to show customers entire outfits, so they can buy those entire outfits from Sears instead of just picking up the khakis that are on sale.


Saddest of all is the portrait studio. It’s dark and empty, a scary cave right near two departments–appliances and baby stuff–that should be profitable. They should park a couple of display lawn mowers in there and turn the lights on.

We loved you once, Sears and Kmart. We’ll miss you.

Sears is Vanishing from our Minds, the Shocking 18 Photos That Show Why [Belus Capital Advisors]

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