You’ll Have To Go To Japan To Get Avocado and Cheese Doritos

guacOur site mission is to bring you the very latest in cutting-edge snack technology, and also some incidental consumer news. As part of that mission, we’re sharing the wonderful news that avocado and cheese Doritos are now officially a thing…that you can only buy in Japan.

Yes, you could buy plain tortilla chips and guacamole. You could dip the chips into the guacamole and eat it. That’s the simple way out, the way that involves processing actual vegetables into food instead of just opening a bag. In that sense, it’s kind of tragic that this product is limited to Japan, as many amazing limited-quantity and limited-time snack food flavors are.

avocado dorito bag

Our friends at Foodbeast speculate that the resulting flavor may be more like a California roll than guac with cheese, since the “cheese” pictured in advertising images looks more like cream cheese. A California roll with corn meal instead of rice and no seaweed. Well, that sounds… something.

If you happen to live in Japan, have a friend there, or have an eBay account, avocado and cheese Doritos will be available from October 28 of this year until February 28, 2014.

New Snacks [Frito-Lay Japan] (via Inventor Spot and Foodbeast)

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