Pecan Pie Pringles Appear In Stores, We’re Not Sure Why

10276916126_68de2ec80eLast year, Pringles brought us a weird trio of holiday potato chip flavors: pumpkin pie, peppermint white chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar. Now the “dessert Pringle” theme continues, with another pie-flavored chip offering: pecan.

Snack-watchers nationwide have reported sightings of the pecan Pringles, mainly in Dollar General stores. We haven’t found any reviews online yet, but this post to the official Pringles Facebook page is kind of ominous:

Please consider creating some sort of “Pecan Pie Pringles” rehab. I found your amazing creation, became addicted, and now I can find it no more. I fear that I am losing friends over my recent infatuation with your product. Please help!

We first heard about it from the source of much of our snack news, The Impulsive Buy. If dessert potato chips are something that interests you, check out your local Dollar General. But should pie-flavored potato chips even be a thing?

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