Comcast Blasts My Apartment Building With Junk Mail, Hopes For The Best

How much junk mail from one company is too much? There is no universal number, but the limit is definitely smaller than this one-day crop of Comcast mailers at one six-household apartment building. Look, Comcast, maybe the residents of this building just aren’t into you.


Reader J.A., one of those residents, lined up the crop of mail to take this picture. He was able to do so because the mail carrier just dumped all of the letters on the floor of the foyer.

The entrance foyer to the part I live in has six mailboxes. We regularly get junk mail from Xfinity/Comcast, but today was special: Twelve pieces of mail for six boxes. The postal worker just dumped them on the floor. Nine are addressed to “Current Resident” and three have actual resident names.

J.A. didn’t tell us, and probably doesn’t know, how many of those residents are Comcast customers. Not that it would probably matter.

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