Brooks Brothers To Provide Steak Tartare Directly To Gordon Gekko

Two birds, one stone and one Gekko.

Two birds, one stone and one Gekko.

A wise man (actually, a super scary man devoid of any morals) once said: “Lunch is for wimps.” Gordon Gekko is not a real person, but if he was he might be convinced to change his tune at the news that clothing retailer Brooks Brothers is planning on opening a steakhouse. 

The eatery will be dubbed “Makers and Merchants” and will open around the corner from Brooks Brothers’ flagship store in New York City, sources tell the New York Post.

The sprawling beef peddling operation will encompass three levels of a space that Brooks Brothers used for several years for its women’s line, but is currently vacant.

A Brooks Brothers spokesman confirmed the plan to The Post, saying the company was “looking at summer 2014” for the opening, but also noted that “It’s still way out.”

It’s likely that if Brooks Brothers can hit upon a winning meaty strategy in NYC, it’ll expand the steakhouse idea across the United States. It’s currently got 300 stores around the world, providing plenty of hungry, hungry shoppers with a hankering for red meat.

*Thanks to Boss Meg for her always impeccable headline writing skills. There’s a reason she’s the boss.

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