Man Celebrates Court Date By Gobbling Child’s Birthday Cake

You have to go inside a courthouse, and in the car you have a dog and a birthday cake for your daughter. You don’t want the dog to eat the cake. To keep them apart, you could put the cake in the trunk, bring the dog in the courthouse, or bring the cake in the courthouse. A woman in Washington State chose that last option, which was bad news for the cake.

A man was just entering the Hall of Justice for a court appearance on an indecent exposure charge. When he saw the cake come out of the metal detector, he did what any sober and sensible person would do: he jammed his hand inside it. When a sheriff’s deputy told him not to, he apparently dove in face-first. Law enforcement restrained him. He was jailed on suspicion of third-degree theft.

Surveillance video? Why, yes, we do have it!

The heartwarming part of this story is also the part relevant to consumers: Grocery chain Safeway offered to replace the cake. A woman who accompanied him to the courthouse claims that he was not high at the time of the cake-snarfing.

Child’s birthday cake at Hall of Justice sparks struggle, arrest [The Daily News]

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