Retail Nightmare Before Christmas Reaches Pier One, Canadian Walmart

nightmareIn the classic animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the Pumpkin King learns about Christmas and convinces the other scary creatures of Halloween Town to take over the holiday. In the North American retail Nightmare Before Christmas, retailers begin to set out Christmas merchandise as soon as the school supplies are off the shelves.

Reader Knah sent in this festive Halloween tree that he found at Pier 1, which is similar to a lovely fall tree that Hobby Lobby inflicted on the world.


Gordon (all Canadian men are named Gordon, it’s a law or something) in Ontario took this photo at Walmart. Yes, it’s part of the larger “seasonal” section, but it’s almost like they’re goading us into creating holiday mashups, putting plastic candy canes in the hands of the ghouls and hanging pumpkins from trees.


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