Fine, Grumpy Cat Will Be Friskies’ Spokeskitty, But That Doesn’t Mean She’s Happy About It

She's thrilled. Probably? Maybe?

She’s thrilled. Probably? Maybe?

You can stop paying that overpriced pet agent to get your cat a commercial dream gig, folks. Grumpy Cat has waltzed in with her perfectly grumpy face and taken the Friskies spokeskitty crown for herself. So there [insert grumpy face].

Of course this means the advertising world is signaling to the rest of us that it knows how to do the Internet, too, by crossing a viral meme with good old fashioned marketing.

Nestle Purina Petcare, based in St. Louis, is just over the moon for Grumpy Cat because she’s adorable and also she comes with a whole lot of devotees. Ka-ching! Cash register sounds! Etc.

“Grumpy?” Friskies Brand Manager Alison Coburn asks FOX 2 News. “She’s amazing. She has a huge following on the internet and over one million Facebook fans.”

The company announced yesterday that Grump Cat is all signed up to do her frowning for Friskies. She’ll also receive a lifetime achievement award for her one and a half years of being grumpy.

She’ll be paid with a lifetime supply of Friskies, and we’re guessing a tidy sum that will make her owner very un-grumpy, and will grace the public with personal appearances on behalf of the brand. But she won’t be happy about it.

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