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The disputed coffee bean products are now being sold on, which  is not run by the official Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat Is Also A Legal Eagle, Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Coffee Company

Grumpy Cat (real name: Tardar Sauce) isn’t just a feline with a perma-frown; it’s also the face of a multimillion-dollar merchandising brand. Now the sourpuss cat is involved in a legal dispute with a company that sells Grumpy Cat coffee beans. [More]

8,200 Stuffed Grumpy Cats Recalled, Are Unhappy About It

8,200 Stuffed Grumpy Cats Recalled, Are Unhappy About It

If you aren’t familiar with the perpetually-frowning, totally adorable Grumpy Cat, we feel very sorry for you. Obviously, you need to spend more time looking at cute pictures of animals on the Internet. Grumpy Cat started as a cute kitty who always looks like she’s frowning, and somehow spawned an entire industry of apps, merchandise, and beverages, and became a Friskies spokescat. One of those pieces of merchandise has been recalled. [More]

She's thrilled. Probably? Maybe?

Fine, Grumpy Cat Will Be Friskies’ Spokeskitty, But That Doesn’t Mean She’s Happy About It

You can stop paying that overpriced pet agent to get your cat a commercial dream gig, folks. Grumpy Cat has waltzed in with her perfectly grumpy face and taken the Friskies spokeskitty crown for herself. So there [insert grumpy face]. [More]

This is a thing.

Grumpy Cat Coffee Drink Only The Newest Piece Of Internet-Famous Pet Merchandise

Apparently, it’s inevitable that pets that become famous on the Internet come out with their own merchandise. Official licensed stuffed toys, t-shirts, stickers, stuffed animals: it’s all been done. What was the next logical step? Pet treats? Hamster boutiques? No…how about cat-branded coffee? [More]