The TSA Frowns Upon Customers Bringing Stun Guns On Planes, Even If They’re Pink

Pretty in pink and totally not acceptable on planes.

Pretty in pink and totally not acceptable on planes.

There’s a handy tool on the Transportation Safety Administration’s web site, where you can fill in the following blank with whatever you’d like to take with you on a plane: “When I fly, can I bring my _____?” The TSA will tell you whether or not it’s fine to have your best friend Mark with you or even a pair of short scissors. But a stun gun? Nope, not even if it’s pink.

TSA Officers stopped a woman at Baltimore Washington-Thurgood Marshall International Airport earlier this week after an officers caught a pink stun gun and a small pocket knife in a woman’s carry-on bags, reports CBS Baltimore.

It’s against all kinds of rules and regulations to bring those items onboard any flight, so the Maryland Transportation Authority Police cited the woman on state weapons charges.

She was allowed to fly to Puerto Rico without her small weapons, ostensibly armed only with her wits and a fresh understainding of what the TSA means when it says “don’t bring hurty, zappy or pointy stuff” on planes. Even if they’re a fun color.

For the record, when I asked the TSA site if I could bring my friend Mark, it didn’t actually provide any clarification either way. Get ready to stow away, buddy!

Woman Caught Trying To Sneak Pink Stun Gun Past BWI Checkpoint [CBS Baltimore]

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