Waitress Has A Few Questions For Customer Who Left Her A Bogus $200,000 Tip

It’s a beautiful day when someone gives you a lump of money — the sun is suddenly shining brightly and little birds come swooping out of the heavens to trill a melodious tune in your ears! But while one waitress in St. Louis thought she had received her happy financial ending in the form of a $200,000 tip, the reality is she was only left with questions. Number one on that list: Why would you give someone a tip that amounts to nothing?

“I just want answers,” a St. Louis waitress tells FOX 2 Now of the customer who wrote in $200,000 on the tip line of a credit card receipt, for a $111.54 bill. Because instead of cashing in that chunk of change, she’s been left with no tip at all.

She says three customers came into the restaurant where she works — two women who said they were sisters and a man. The group exchanged large amounts of cash, said the waitress, and one of the women asked her to keep a secret.

“I will be your guardian angel today. You`ve never seen a person like me. You`ve never had a table like me. This will change your life,” she said, according to the waitress.

When she saw the tip — with an incorrect total of $211,000.54 instead of $200,111.54, she thought her life was about to change forever.

“I can pay off my student loans. I can go back to college,” the waitress said. “You want to believe it. You want to let yourself believe it.”

But instead, her manager and the restaurant checked in with the bank, which was like, “Nope. No can do.”

The waitress now just wants to know why someone would toy with another person’s emotions.

“I would hope that her sister or the other gentleman with them would step forward and say something,” she said.

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