McDonald’s Adding Steak To List Of Meaty Breakfast Ingredients On The Menu

Now for breakfast noms.

Now for breakfast noms.

The McDonald’s menu overhaul continues and it’s about to get a lot beefier: the fast food chain announced that along with its sausage and bacon offerings on breakfast sandwiches, steak will now be available as part of the morning fare.

While we highly doubt that the new “thick, juicy steak” will be on par with say, a fine Kobe cut of beef, it’ll still likely attract morning munchers who like expanded options but can’t necessarily dine out on steak usually.

Bloomberg News confirmed the offering’s details with a spokeswoman (it’s also listed online), noting that the steak option was rolled out gradually in a smattering of locations last month and is still on the march. Eventually steak will be sold in about 9,600 of Mickey D’s more than 14,100 U.S. locations.

For those with an eye on their waistlines, it’s good to know that a steak, egg and cheese biscuit with grilled onions comes with 540 calories, while a steak patty on an English muffin will run you a cool 430 calories.

The steak additions are likely going to cost a bit more than your average breakfast fare, as the meat is one of the more expensive proteins out there. But it’ll still be less expensive than going to the steak house and ordering up a filet mignon, that’s for sure.

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