Case Of Bud Light Comes With Free Dead Snake

bottlesGetting something extra in your case of beer sounds pretty appealing…but maybe not when that extra something is a dead snake. It’s not clear how a small snake ended up inside an 18-pack of Bud Light, but the customer who bought it decided not to take any chances. He won’t drink it, mostly because of the dead-snake stench.

At first, he came to the logical conclusion: someone was messing with him. The beer was for a party, and someone was starting the festivities early. It had to be a rubber snake inside the box, obviously! Snakes don’t crawl inside beer cases. Then, of course, came the stench of decomposing snake. A closer look made it clear that the snake was quite real.


Like any good host, he put it in a plastic bag to show off to party guests and served up different beer., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Now You See It: There’s a snake in my beer [KLTV]

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