Yoplait Cosmopolitan Yogurt: Never Choose Between A Drink Or Live Active Cultures Again

Decisions, simplified.

Decisions, simplified.

Consumerist reader Bethany spotted something a bit unusual at her local Target recently: Cosmopolitan flavored yogurt by Yoplait. What? A boozy beverage incorporated into a snack? “I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want Cosmopolitan-flavored yogurt, but apparently the folks at Yoplait disagree,” she writes. “At least for a limited time.”

It’s a good thing we’re here to answer your questions, Bethany. As for why anyone would want a Cosmopolitan yogurt, let’s break it down: Perhaps you and your gal pals have a total blast watching those fun, carefree and fabulously dressed friends on Sex and the City, even though the series ended almost 10 years ago. Cosmos for everyone!

“But wait,” says gal pal #1 who totally thinks she’s Carrie but is really more of a Miranda, “I’m hungry as well… WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?!?”

Here’s where Yoplait comes in, see? Drinking and snacking together, just like the SATC ladies do at brunch while talking about all those sexual exploits and relationship pitfalls.

It seems this product has been on shelves for a few months now, but it’s the first time we’ve heard of such a condensed drinking/snacking option so pardon the excitement.

That being said, we’ll leave it up to some other brave soul to actually taste the stuff.

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