Comcast Service Center Gets Same Shoddy Installation Work That Customers Receive

Over the years we’ve heard too-numerous stories from Comcast customers about shoddy work performed by installation techs, though we had always assumed that these techs would dare not do such a slapdash job inside a Comcast office. We were apparently mistaken.

Comcast customers in Cape Coral, FL, complained to WFTX-TV about the conditions they found inside their local Comcast service center. In the photo above and the video below [EDIT: Video removed because it was auto-playing an ad, and that’s just not cool; you can see the clip at the WFTX story linked above], you can see cables spilling out of walls and floors while the building undergoes renovation.

“It’s a mess in there, there’s wires hanging and a lot of cement stuff and boards,” says one customer. “They should close it until it’s ready and then open it up.”

The service center refused to explain the situation to the WFTX reporter, but a rep for Comcast’s corporate office said, “These appear to be the cable and phone outlets that were being worked on today but there is no excuse for this appearance… We sincerely apologize to our customers who were there today and were inconvenienced by this renovation work.”

A code enforcement officer for Cape Coral did check out the site and confirmed that the exposed cables are indeed data cables and not a safety hazard. The inspector did find one exposed electrical outlet but chose not to issue a fine because someone put a cover on the outlet.

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