You'd Think Comcast, A Cable Company, Would Be Better At Installing Cable

Amy, a student at UC Davis, has just learned one of the lessons that one inevitably learns at college. Cable companies are simply not very good at what they do. Take, for example, the “finished” installation of some cable outlets in her apartment.

Amy says:

I know you guys like to rip on Comcast, and now I better understand why. Yesterday, one of my three apartment mates had cable installed in her room. The guy took 2 and a half hours to do everything, which didn’t make sense to me, because we’ve had Comcast cable before so everything should have been all ready to go. And then he left the outlets in the other rooms undone, and even ripped into my wall (see attached photos). And this is the “finished” job. I’m sure my landlord will be pleased.

Yikes. You might want to consider sharing these photos with Comcast HQ– be sure to request that the damage to your apartment be repaired and the outlets installed properly.

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