Which Airlines Offer The Most Legroom For Free (Gasp!) On Domestic Flights?

Unless you cherish the feeling of your knees shoved up against the seat in front of you, more legroom on a flight is a creature comfort that many fliers cherish but few receive — except for an extra fee. But hold your gasps and shocked faces of disbelief, folks: You can actually get extra legroom in coach… for free. Okay go ahead, gasp now.

But on which airlines does this magic gratis phenomenon occur? Because clearly, there are plenty of carriers willing to give passengers some room to let their dogs breathe for a tidy little sum, of course.

However, not everyone wants to pay, and those people usually feel resigned to the limb-squashing experience of coach. There’s hope for those people, says a new report from flight-search site Routehappy called “Size Matters: Finding the Best Seats in the Sky,” via Skift.com.

The best bet for extra legroom seems to be on Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines or JetBlue, says the report, because those airlines have the most daily flights in planes with seats that have seat pitch of 32 inches or more. Seat pitch is the measurement from a point on one seat to the point in front of it. Standard pitch is usually 31 inches and .

In contrast, United Airlines only offers free roomier seats on 1% of its flights, or about 47 daily.

Check out the tables in the source link below for more info, and perhaps start looking up places to go just for that extra inch or so.

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