Taco Bell Makes Whiny Canadian Customers Eat Their Words Upon Arrival Of Doritos Locos Tacos

Eat your words, Canada.

Eat your words, Canada.

Any time I’ve been forced to eat my words it’s been a pride-swallowing experience, to be sure, but without anything actually delicious or food-like to ingest. Maybe that’s what makes this Taco Bell campaign in Canada so interesting — turning the tables on whiney customers who bemoaned the lack of Doritos Locos Tacos Up North by having them actually eat their own tweeted, cranky words, emblazoned on said tacos.

AdWeek points to the gimmick staged by Taco Bell as seen in the below video, where a voiceover explains that depths of outrage and soul-crushing sadness experienced by the poor, bereft, taco-less masses in Canada.

“When the Doritos Tacos Locos launched in the U.S., Canadian fans grew frustrated, and even doubtful, that the DLT would ever find its way north of the border. But Taco Bell Canada has tracked down our greatest skeptics. And now that Doritos Locos Tacos have arrived, it’s time for them to eat their words.”

It’s a marketing stunt, pure and simple — after all, it’s not like every single Canadian is going to get a personalized message on their DLT — but it’s effective because it shows that Taco Bell savvy with the Twitter kids while telling everyone else, “Hey look how much people like us, they were angry we didn’t give them our product in the first place and now they got it and they’re happy!” (Until the gastrointestinal aftermath hits, of course).

If I had to eat a taco every time I ate my words I might not mind ever being wrong. And I’d also be quite a bit larger because I’m wrong a lot and would have to eat lots of tacos.

Taco Bell Brings Doritos Locos Tacos to Canada, Makes Impatient Critics Literally Eat Their Words [AdWeek]

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