Bank Cleans Out, Forecloses On Wrong House

wronghouseThe crew got their orders from the bank: a house was getting repossessed, and it was their job to clean it out. They did. What they didn’t know was that they had the wrong house. The real target was a home on a street with the same name in a different town. Who screwed up? The repo crew? The bank? The person who named the streets?

Yes, the repo crew went to the wrong house, but local TV station WSAZ reports that they got the wrong address from the bank in the first place. They did a great job of cleaning out her stuff, though, and took everything except for a few very heavy pieces of furniture, to the dump.

It wasn’t just random junk that they removed: good furniture disappeared, along with personal papers, professional certificates and, well, everything. “Living room furniture, my [college] diploma, my high school diploma, my pictures — my history,” she told the TV station.

She has retained a lawyer, who plans to get compensation for the woman’s loss just as soon as they figure out who is ultimately responsible for the error. Her homeowner’s insurance had been canceled after she had the audacity to make claims following severe vandalism and a fire.

As far as we know, Bank of America is not involved.

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