Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Kills Would-Be Robber While On The Job

Not the delivery car in question. (jeknee)

Not the delivery car in question. (jeknee)

It can be tough out there for delivery guys and gals, as the job description makes it necessary to carry around cash, sometimes in large amounts. That makes delivery workers a prime target for ne’er-do-wells, and a bit of a scary situation for anyone caught unawares. One Domino’s pizza delivery man was prepared enough to shoot and kill someone apparently trying to take his cash.

Police in one Florida community tell that the Domino’s driver had dropped off a pizza to a room at a hotel and was sitting in his car to count his cash and sort out the tip.

According to the police report, a 32-year-old man then approached him, armed with a knife, and told him to give up the dough or he’d kill him.

Instead, the Domino’s worker pulled out a gun and fired once toward the man, who was hit and later pronounced dead at the scene.

“Preliminary evidence in the case demonstrates that the intended victim of the robbery acted in self-defense while being robbed by a violent criminal who was armed with a knife,” said the sheriff. “The suspect in this investigation was released from prison in 2009, after serving a reduced sentence for similar violent crimes.”

Would-be robber shot, killed by Domino’s pizza driver []

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