Company Does Roof Work On Wrong House — Then Comes Back, Does It Again

This must’ve been a particularly confusing summer for roofers. Not only did we hear about one company that pulled up to the wrong house and pulled off half a roof before realizing their error and abandoning the project, but it happened to another set of homeowners in an entirely different city. And it happened twice to them in just a few weeks.

It’s time to pull out your address books, contractors. in Omaha says that back in July, a company replaced half a home’s roof before they discovered they’d made a mistake. Oops, right?

Super oops because then just a few weeks later, the same company came back to that very same house and started to install new gutters.

The family came home from vacation and realized they’d been hit again by the wrong-house-roofers.

“They went to the wrong address not once, but twice,” said the home’s owner. “These gutters don’t even match,” David says.

The couple’s neighbors have been watching the home and sent their pals a text asking if they had planned on getting new gutters. Negative.

The workers left the house with the gutters and downspouts in place for three days, and it seems no one knows how this keeps happening. The company says it has separate subcontractors for the gutters and roof. And somehow, they both went to the same wrong house..

“How do you explain to somebody to make sure they don’t get the address wrong again? I think I might need to stick a sticker in my door or something,” the homeowner says.

The good news is? The company says it will complete the roof and gutter services out of pocket, shelling out $8,000. The couple won’t pay a thing. Wait, now everyone will want to be the wrong house, right?

Roofers Begin Work On Wrong House []

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