Woman In Need Of New Roof Instead Loses Half Of It After Workers Get The Address Wrong

Let’s say you’re in need of a new roof. What would you think if magic roof elves showed up while you were away? Maybe, “Hurray! Someone gave me a new roof!” That’s what a Wichita, Kan. woman thought upon arriving home after a few hours to see roofing paraphernalia strewn about her yard. But instead, workers who had the wrong house had pulled half the shingles from her roof before realizing the mistake and leaving.

KAKE.com reports that apparently no one at said roofing company could be bothered to read actual addresses and make sure the homes they were showing up to work on were the ones listed in their files. A neighbor said pulled up to another house on the block before realizing their mistake and settling on a different roof. Which was also not the right one. Third time’s the charm?

When the woman arrived home after being away, she saw that there were tire tracks in the yard and shingles here, there and everywhere. But an entire half of her roof had been rendered useless, with the shingles removed but no new ones in their place, or even a little note saying, “Oops, our bad, we wrecked your roof.”

She tracked down the workers down the street working on the house that we hope to goodness was finally the right one, but says they denied doing any demolition work at her home.

Her friends pitched in to cover the roofless part of her home with paper, and KAKE.com says so far two roofing companies have called in offering to help her fix the roof since the story first aired on the evening news.

Here’s a tip to any business owners, roofing crews, or banks out there: Read the address very careful before you remove someone’s roof or say, take all of their stuff out of the wrong home.

*Thanks for the tip, Derek!

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