Burger King To Offer $1 “French Fry Burger” Because Why Not

Burger King, saving you the few seconds of just putting fries on your burger anyway.

Burger King, saving you the few seconds of just putting fries on your burger anyway.

Because customers were apparently too tired — or had never thought — to lift up the bun on their hamburgers and insert a few french fries for added fun and flavor, Burger King has announced it will begin selling a $1 “French Fry Burger” starting Sept. 1.

As the AP points out, it’s not a bad move on the company’s part, as it might pique the interest of some customer in the BK value menu while at the same time it doesn’t introduce any new costs for the franchisees.

And, with only 4 fries used to top each burger, it’s not like customers won’t also continue ordering a side of fries with their burgers. Which just brings up the question of why they would order a French Fry Burger in the first place.

Since the French Fry Burger will only be available for a limited time, we decided to share our secret recipe for making your own French Fry Burger at home:

1 Fast food hamburger, with cheese if you like. Can also be done with a veggie burger, chicken patty or any sandwich.
4 French fries (at least)
Additional condiments as needed
Total time needed: About 6 seconds

1. Unwrap burger
2. Remove top bun (NOTE: For extra fun, try putting the fries between the burger and the BOTTOM bun!)
3. Place fries on top of burger patty
4. (Optional) You may want to use additional ketchup/mustard/mayo to compensate for the dryness of the added fries.
5. Place bun back on burger

Meanwhile, a completely imaginary source just leaked the following fictional future updates to the Burger King menu:

-The Ketchup Burger
-Onion Rings with free cardboard sleeve
-The Iced Cola
-The No-Spit Whopper

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