Think You Can Buy A Pet Monkey On The Web? Don’t Be Shocked When You’re Scammed

There are many things you can buy on the Internet. At least three or four, just off the top of my head. But you’d better be sure the object of your desire is something that’s legal to bring into the country in the first place, otherwise you could end up like the Michigan woman who just wanted a monkey from Cameroon all for her own.

Instead, as noted by the Battle Creek Enquirer, the woman is out $350 after falling what can only be an Internet scam.

Reportedly she and her roommate wanted a pet and thought hey, how about a monkey? After looking around on the Web they found “a website” that sent them pictures and information about monkeys. And the best part? She could get a monkey from Cameroon for only $50, instead of the $350 it usually costs!

Alas, after sending $50 and not receiving a primate of any sort, she sent another $300, but still no monkey. She finally caught on when her contact asked for more moolah to cover a cage, license and shots.

A license for what, you might be asking? Because the thing is, according to U.S Customs and Border Protection, there’s no importing primates as pets whatsoever. Not a monkey, not a chimpanzee, not an ape, not a human:

“Monkeys and other primates may be brought into the United States for scientific, educational or exhibition purposes by importers who are registered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contact (404) 639-3441 for further assistance. However, under no circumstances may they be imported as pets.”

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