Netflix’s “My List” Will Decide What You Want To Watch First With Instant Queue Revamp

Don't judge. Don't you dare judge.

Don’t judge. Don’t you dare judge.

So you think you know what you want to watch in your Instant Queue on Netflix, huh? Or maybe you added the fourth season of Leave It To Beaver during a particularly nostalgic moment one night after visiting Grandma, and now it’s just sitting there. Unwatched. Unloved. Waiting for its chance to be first in your heart again, if not in your instant queue. Netflix’s new “My List” feature will take care of that.

In a blog post yesterday, Netflix positions the change as an improved way to view your queue, because it will use the system’s fancy algorithms to reorder your list of instant watching material according to what it thinks you’ll want to watch first.

Adding titles to “My List” is easy. Simply click “Add To My List” when viewing the details of a title on Netflix. You can add titles from all Netflix devices and your List appears across devices. You’ll see My List as a row, but you can also view your list in more detail in a gallery view.

After you’ve added several titles to your list, our technology will go to work and sort your List, presenting you with the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front. In our tests, most members really appreciated this automated sorting and it was much more useful than the manual sorting capability of the Instant Queue.

If that kind of loss of control freaks you out, Netflix assures members that they can always toggle the “manual order” feature in the “My List Management” section of account settings. Don’t like My List? It’ll drop, row by row, on the Watch Instantly page.

The system will also alert users if an item in their list will soon no longer be available for streaming, which could be helpful if you’re on a streaming-only plan.

My list rolls out today to U.S. users and worldwide in the next two weeks.

Introducing “My List” From Netflix []

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