Man Throws Himself A Little Pants-Off Dance-Off Party On German Chancellor’s Jet

Let’s make this clear: In no way are we saying it’s okay to break into an empty government jet. But at least one man accused of boarding the plane, often used by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, sounds like he had a pretty darn fantastic party all by himself, one he (and anyone who reads about it) isn’t likely to forget anytime soon.

A new report says the 24-year-old bodybuilder worked his way onto the jet while it was parked at a closed military section of the Cologne airport.

Allegedly equipped with a bag full of marijuana and ecstasy, he proceeded to strip down to his skivvies, dance around the plane spraying fire extinguisher foam everywhere, push a bunch of cockpit buttons, release an emergency slide and even boogied down on the wing of the Airbus 319, reports Der Spiegel.

As for how he got near the plane in the first place, he apparently told a guard post that he’d been invited to a wedding reception at the nearby officers’ quarters, climbed a barbed wire fence and then hopped onto the plane’s wing, where he may’ve entered through an emergency exit.

The report says it took almost four hours for police, private security guards and members of the Bundeswehr army to coax the man off the plane.

This all went down in late July but is gaining attention in Germany after an eight-page police report detailing the pants-off dance-off was leaked to the country’s newspapers.

Since the plane was loaded with about eight tons of fuel at the time, the guy ostensibly could’ve taken off or perhaps set the plane rolling with all his antics and button pushing.

“The investigation is focused on the charges of dangerous interference in aviation but also trespassing and damage to property. As part of that probe it’s of interest how the accused got onto the site and into the plane,” a prosecutor said.

He also ruled out terrorism as a motivation. Instead it’s thought that the suspect had a fight with his girlfriend, got high and just needed to dance his cares away. Don’t we all. Don’t. We. All.

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