Bank Of America Closing Some Drive-Up Tellers Because We’ll All Have Space Cars Soon, Anyway

Hope you’ve got your space car ready or at the very least, your walking shoes laced up because you’ll no longer be able to drive up to many Bank of America drive-through teller lanes. Branches from Georgia to Texas have already closed their drive-up bank teller services, a spokeswoman said, although it’s unclear how many have been shuttered.

NPR cites the spokeswoman who wouldn’t reveal the number, but added that they haven’t been closed because of the cost of running, them, but more because people don’t bank the way they used to. Space cars! Okay, that’s just my personal dream.

The prevailing banking style is more along the lines of mobile phones and using the ol’ Internet. Why drive up to a bank teller (except for the thrill of getting a lollipop in that pneumatic tube by pretending you’ve got a kid with you, ahem) when you can snap a picture of a check on your phone and deposit it that way?

There are of course, millions of others who will likely miss the machines, as they’ll have to park and get out to visit the ATM.

Bank Of America To Close Some Drive-Up Tellers [NPR]

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