Taco Bell Now Testing Waffle Tacos Filled With Fruit Or Fried Chicken

After expanding their experimental waffle taco to more cities, word on the street is that Taco Bell is also testing different fillings for the folded breakfast treat. The new offerings include a waffle filled with whipped cream and fruit, and a waffle with a piece of fried chicken in it.

chicken waffle taco

Here’s what’s revolutionary about these “tacos” – the test restaurant is offering them all day. The original breakfast taco, which is pretty much just a waffle folded in half with a sausage in it, is only available for breakfast. Since the berry waffle is more of a dessert and the savory chicken waffle isn’t a breakfast food, there’s no reason to limit them to the morning.

very berry waffle taco

Our friends over at Foodbeast have a reporter on the ground in Orange County, California, original testing ground for the Waffle Taco. She tried out both and reports back that while it’s hard to complain about anything that gets served to you for under a dollar, neither item was all that thrilling. Mostly because of what she calls the “spongy, frozen Eggo waffle-feeling waffle.”

We didn’t expect much more than that, but are hungry now anyway.

SPOTTED: Taco Bell Testing Chicken & Waffle and Very Berry Waffle Tacos [Foodbeast]

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