Of Course You Can Buy Hempfest Doritos On eBay For $50

Who would’ve thought the cool thing to do at Hempfest would be to run toward cops, instead of away from them? After Seattle police’s weekend supply of Doritos ran out lickety-split at the festival celebrating all things pot, the only natural result is a smattering of eBay listings for the chips. Because if there’s one thing that extends 15 minutes of novelty fame, it’s eBay.

There were only 1,000 bags total of the snacks, which cops handed out for free, along with a sticker explaining proper potiquette. Like: “Don’t drive while high” and Do listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume.” Cops are so with it these days.

If you’re wondering whether these magic Doritos taste any better than regular Doritos not distributed by cops, the kind you have to pay for at a store, there are quite a few listings for the bags, ranging from a deal of $11 for two unopened bags to $63 (as of this writing) for one single bag. What makes one better than the other, and thus worth shelling out more cash? Nothing, as far as we can tell.

Or heck, how about a bunch of empty bags? Just for the thrill of knowing you touched Doritos that cops also touched…? Sigh.

Your other option could just be to print out one of those stickers at home, slap it on a bag of Doritos and hand it to yourself while wearing a cop outfit. It will then be up to you whether to eat the chips or keep the bag intact.

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