How Harris Teeter Paid Me To Eat Ribeye Steaks

“The adage you get what you pay for holds true with Harris Teeter,” notes reader Gunnar. Yes, he says, they charge more than their grocery competition, but their stores are pleasant, their employees competent, and their selection of merchandise is good. What he didn’t know is that they also have a generous return policy when the butcher cuts your steaks up badly.

We pick up his story after he and his wife got home from the store:

Upon arriving home and opening the package, I immediately noticed the cuts of meat were very poor. Now, for $23 I expected my Black Angus Ribeye steaks to be perfect. Groaning over having to leave the house again, I packed the meat up and returned to the store to hoping exchange the poorly cut steaks for better ones.

Now it is my firm belief that good companies always do a good job with the sales portion of a transaction, but it is great companies who do a great job of handling post sales issues. In this case, Harris Teeter showed itself to be a great company. At the front desk I spoke to the assistant manager and explained the cuts of meat were not good, and asked for an exchange.

I expected nothing more than store credit. Not only did he take my word about the meat at face value, he neither inspected the meat, nor interrogated me, or quote some store policy flim flam. Instead, he apologized, refunded my money, then the shocking part, he doubled my money; yep, he gave me another 23 bucks.

Long story short, Harris Teeter exchanged my steaks for better ones, and then paid me to eat them.

Since then I have learned Harris Teeter has liberal return policies on their store brands, however, it was still a very pleasant surprise and will keep me coming back.

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