Dead Woman Found In Dillard’s Dressing Room, Store Closes Down

When a dead newborn turned up in the rest room of a Kohl’s department store in Kentucky last week, some shoppers were horrified to learn that they were browsing sales right near a possible homicide investigation. Maybe the management of other chains paid attention: a 57-year-old died in the dressing room of a North Carolina Dillard’s store, and management shut the whole store down.

A maintenance worker found the woman in a dressing room early Sunday morning. She was locked inside. Police say that she may have been in the store overnight, but they couldn’t be sure. They identified her as a 57-year-old woman from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her death appeared to be of natural causes: at least so far, there were no signs of foul play.

Most people who took our poll said that they would prefer if a store closed after the discovery of a dead human, even if it were a stillborn infant. “I thought they would have shut [the store] down,” said one shopper at the Louisville Kohl’s.

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