It’s That Time Of The Year When The New iPhone Rumor Mill Gets To Spinning

Doesn’t it feel like the only time people aren’t breathlessly guessing when the next iPhone is coming out is perhaps the minute after an announcement is made as to when the next iPhone is coming out. Heck, even though the newest iteration of Apple phoneage is rumored to thwack us in the faces on Sept. 10, we’re sure someone is already wondering when the one after that will arrive. Such is the world we live in.

Of course, this upcoming round of whispers, buzz and prophesying could all end up a bust, but sources are telling AllThingsD that it’s coming, it’s really coming — the next iPhone will be revealed in all its Apple-y glory at a special event on Sept. 10.

Along with conjecture about what updates will be made from the iPhone 5 to the new iPhone, which faces stiff competition in the Android phone world, is whether or not Apple will introduce a new, lower-cost iPhone.

Some say there will be fancy new camera tweaks, or a fingerprint sensor. The new phones, whatever they look like, will run on iOS7, which is quite a bit different so far as the appearance of the phone’s menus and icons.

Now that we know (OR DO WE?!?) when the next iPhone will be unmasked, try not to hold your breath for an entire month waiting to see what it could possibly be like. Because breathing is a lot more important than new phones. For most of us, anyway.

Circle September 10 on Your Calendar for Apple’s Big iPhone Event [AllThingsD]

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