Dead Baby Found In Bathroom, Kohl’s Keeps Store Open

What should it take to close a store during a normal shopping day? Would you expect a department store to close if a dead person were discovered in the public restroom? What if the death were mysterious and homicide detectives were on the scene? What if the dead person were a newborn infant?

Customers at a Kentucky Kohl’s could see that the bathroom was closed, but didn’t know that it was because of a possible homicide investigation. An unknown person left an infant, which was close to full-term, in the store restroom.

When reporters asked some customers about the situation, they were horrified. “I thought they would have shut [the store] down,” one customer told TV station WAVE, “especially knowing that it happened 20 minutes before we got here.”

Word isn’t back yet from the coroner’s office on the baby’s cause of death: it may have been stillborn or died of natural causes shortly after birth, or it may have been killed. Police do have leads on the identity of the person who left the baby behind, but aren’t saying much right now.

Questions remain after dead baby found in Kohl’s restroom [WAVE]

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