Airport Eatery Says It’ll Totally Switch To Vendor That Doesn’t Top Bread With Maggots

Never mind locally-sourced, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients — is it too much to ask that an airport sandwich not have maggots in it? An eatery at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta says it’s going to switch vendors after a customer claimed to have been sold food with a side order of maggots.

According to Channel 2 Action News, inspectors discovered several violations at the bakery that supplied the bread to the airport cafe, including “fruit flies and flies noted in the dry storage warehouse, employees break room, around drains by muffin prep table.”

A passenger on a flight out of the airport last week shot the yucky video on his cellphone of maggots writhing on a sandwich he’d just purchased at a terminal cafe. You can watch it in the source link below but I’ll tell you how it goes: The maggots wiggle and it’s gross. Really, really gross.

“This isn’t a moldy piece of bread. These are maggots. These are living organisms in a piece of food that someone served me,” said the unfortunate passenger who had to face the baby flies in person.

Local health officials didn’t find any violations at the cafe’s airport location, prompting the restaurant group’s president to say that the issue “could not have been generated on our premises.”

In addition, the eatery said it had cut ties with the bakery, noting: “All products from the vendor were removed.”

Since the first reports of the maggotwich hit, the health department has lifted the cease-and-desist order placed on the bakery in question after it resolved any areas of “concern” officials had.

I’ve got an area of concern for ya, and it’s right here in my tummy. Filled with concern.

Inspection finds violations after discovery of maggot-filled sandwich at airport []

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