Grumpy Cat Coffee Drink Only The Newest Piece Of Internet-Famous Pet Merchandise

Apparently, it’s inevitable that pets that become famous on the Internet come out with their own merchandise. Official licensed stuffed toys, t-shirts, stickers, stuffed animals: it’s all been done. What was the next logical step? Pet treats? Hamster boutiques? No…how about cat-branded coffee?

This is a thing.

This is a thing.

Tarder Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat, has the best merchandise empire this side of Boo the Pomeranian. Books, a movie, Friskies ads…that all makes sense. Iced coffee, though? That concept doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s still happening.

The Grumppuccino™ hits the market sometime next month, just in time for… summer to be almost over. Oh, well. They’ll sell it online by the case at first, and aspire to get the drinks in physical stores.

Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino™ [Official Site]

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