Man Buys Coffee For 500 Tim Hortons Customers Because That’s What Happens In Canada

Update: Okay there definitely is some kind of love bug in Canadian water. After a man in Calgary heard about the fellow below who bought 500 coffees for the next customers, he went out and did the same darn thing. Apologies if I get a bit gushy here about there being hope for humanity after all, it’s just so nice.Consumerist reader Michelle sent in the follow-up tip from CBC News regarding our newest favorite addition to the Awesome Free Coffee Giving club in Calgary who handed over about $900 at another Tim Hortons to buy coffee for 500 people and then, asking to stay anonymous, vanished into the Canadian horizon like some kind of do-gooding cowboy with a heart of gold (or coffee).

Just try to keep the cockles of your frosty heart from warming, I dare ya.


There must be something in the water Canadians use to make coffee, because we keep hearing about generous strangers buying coffee for each other, and this recent case really tops it all: A man walked into a Tim Hortons on Monday and after ordering his own coffee and doughnut, plunked down his debit card to pay for the large coffees of the next 500 customers.

He didn’t give a reason, reports The Canadian Press, he simply asked the cashier how many coffees she usually sells in a day. He then asked her to ring up 500 coffees (we’re hoping she didn’t have to hit a button that many times, but is there a x500 option?).

“The manager asked him if he was going to drink all those coffees or was he going to give it to someone?” another manager said. “He said, ‘you have to give it to the next 500 customers.’ ”

The bill came to about $859, which he paid and then left the store after a few questions from staff. It took from Monday until 8 a.m. on Tuesday for the 500 coffees to be sold.

Obviously, customers were delighted to get free coffee from a stranger, and many didn’t believe it until the manager showed the receipt.

There seems to be a generous spirit in Canadian coffee shops (and heck, even down here in the States), but 500 coffees is unheard of.

“Five hundred free coffees is definitely a first,” admitted the manager.

Man buys 500 free coffees for customers at downtown Edmonton Tim Hortons [The Canadian Press]

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