Tim Hortons Customer Pays For Stranger’s Coffee, Others Pay It Forward For 228 Orders

We’ve always thought of the Canadians as a warm, friendly people, and now a bunch of Tim Hortons customers are proving just that: The chain started Random Cups of Kindness this holiday season, where it would pay the tab of random guests. But it didn’t stop there, after a whole slew of customers kept up the festive spirit by returning the favor for their fellow coffee drinkers.

The Winnipeg Press says on Dec. 21, a customer in the drive-thru line decided to pay for the order of the next vehicle. That caused a chain reaction of sorts, as customer then paid it forward for three hours and 228 orders. Hit me with that warm and fuzzy feeling, Canadians!

“It isn’t uncommon for Tim Hortons customers to pay for the next person in line, but this was a real gift,” said a spokeswoman for the company. “It was a boost of goodness, especially with everything happening in the world,” she added. “It’s what Winnipeg needed.”

It didn’t stop with the drive-thru line, either — customers inside the restaurant latched onto the idea when they heard what was going on outside and began paying it forward as well.

It’s unclear exactly who the first person to start the giving was, but it sounds like everyone had a blast during the hours that followed.

“There was a lot of energy in the store,” said the location’s general manager. “Our team was really excited and shouting out the number of pay it forwards all morning.”

Could such a thing even happen down here in grumpy ol’ America or is it just the magical amiability of Canada? Stranger things have happened.

Random chain of kindness at Tim’s goes on for hours [Winnipeg Free Press]

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