Some Poor Guy Has To Stand Outside Pizza Hut HQ “Protecting” This Royal Baby Tie-In Offer

We're sweating just looking at this guy

We’re sweating just looking at this guy

Sign-twirlers and flyer-distributors in sandwich boards are often viewed as occupying the lowest rung of the advertising ladder. But those guys have nothing on the poor sucker who has to stand outside Pizza Hut HQ in 97 degree weather dressed in faux royal guard garb — all to “protect” some royal baby cash-in promo.

Yes, you’ve probably heard that two incredibly wealthy British people had a baby today and that some people on this side of the Atlantic Ocean actually care. That’s why Pizza Hut is offering some sort of “Royal Offer,” which has something to do with getting a free side dish with your pizza.

We don’t really care about the deal, but we do care about the guy who has to stand next to the “Royal Cheasel” (Pizza Hut’s take on the easel on which the baby’s birth was publicly announced), with that mammoth black cotton swab on his head.

According to the Weather Channel, it’s nearly 100 degrees outside of the Hut HQ in Plano, TX, right now, so we hope this guy is getting paid well, or at least that he’s keeping hydrated.

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