Chipotle Just Grateful No One Sent Nude Pics During Odd Twitter Episode

Image courtesy of Fair questions.
Fair questions.

Fair questions.

“What is cilantro?” “Where is the avocado store?” “Do I have a tweet?” Those are very normal questions, but perhaps not the sort one might expect showing up on Chipotle’s official Twitter account. After a somewhat bizarre string of mini missives yesterday, the company says everything appears to be fine now. 

While not exactly explaining what happened during the odd episode yesterday, wherein someone appeared to be either figuring out Twitter and its usefulness in putting together a tasty dish or had hacked into Chipotle’s account, the company is relieved that no one showed off their private bits.

After the spate of somewhat nonsensical posts, one of Chipotle’s PR team apologized and told followers there was a “little problem” with the Twitter account.

A Chipotle rep tells Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman: “I’m glad no one went Anthony Weiner on us, but everything seems to be fine.”

This wouldn’t be the first company to get the hack treatment, and it’s actually a somewhat mild episode if that’s what it turns out to be. The Associated Press, Burger King, Jeep and The Onion all had issues with Twitter intruders in the last year.

We can only hope that whoever was looking for an avocado store in Arvada, Colo. found it, with or without the help of Twitter.



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