There Are 655,360 Different Burrito Combinations Possible At Chipotle

It’s not often that you can test an ad claim and find that a company is actually underselling itself. The menu at Chipotle is small and simple but has many possible configurations. How many? Well, you could eat there once per day without repeating a meal for 1,794 years. Don’t ever claim to be bored with your lunches again.

This all began with the fast-casual burrito chain’s claim that there are “more than 65,000” different configurations of shells, meats, beans, rices, and salsas possible. Is that really true. Over at Business Insider, Walter Hickey got out his calculator to put this to the test.

The initial figure was 76,800, which is also quite impressive. Here are the different ingredients to combine:

ITEM: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Crispy Taco, Soft Taco, Salad (5)
RICE: White, Brown, None (3)
BEANS: Black, Pinto, None (3)
FILLING: Carnitas, Barbacoa, Chicken, Steak, None (5)
GUACAMOLE: Yes or No (2)
SALSA: Corn, Mild, Medium, Hot, None (5)
CHEESE: Yes or No (2)
ROMAINE: Yes or No (2)
SOUR CREAM: Yes or No (2)
VEGGIE: Yes or No (2)

The number ends up so high because it’s possible to have various combinations of multiple salsas. Then Chipotle pointed out on Twitter that it’s actually possible to combine multiple types of beans, meats, and rice if that’s what you’re into, adding in further possible permutations.

Chipotle Says You Can Order 65,000 Menu Combinations — We Put That Claim To The Test
[Business Insider] (Thanks, Rowell!)

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