How Enterprise Ultimately Saved Me $250 And Made Me Bond With My Friends

Image courtesy of (TheTruthAbout)

Sometimes it takes a crisis to learn what kind of community you have supporting you. When Jason wrecked his car, he took a bus over to Enterprise to rent a temporary replacement. For some reason, his debit card didn’t work in their machine. Punching in the numbers wasn’t an option, since their equipment wasn’t set up for Card Not Present transactions. He was forced to rely on and bond with his friends.

Why didn’t he have and use a credit card, you may ask? He has one, but it went missing in his house. If he had known that his car were doomed, maybe he would have reported it lost and ordered up a new one. No one can know that ahead of time, though.

He tells his story of debit cards and redemption:

I wrecked my car and wanted to rent one for a week while it was being fixed. I bussed into my local shop that I always use when I need to rent a car. All the other places are at the airport. Currently I only have a VISA attached to my checking account. My back up credit card is misplaced in my house somewhere.

First I was told since I was using a ‘debit’ card I needed additional forms of proof of address I didn’t have so they gladly drove me back to my house for them.

Secondly, my VISA wouldn’t swipe. I admit it is tricky and the magnetic strip only works 9.5 out of 10 places. But the guy tried it on 3 identical machines, tried the plastic bag trick, tried the paper towel trick then told me ‘We aren’t allowed to manually enter cards here.’ Sorry.

Luckily they drove me home. I was out of bus fare.

I complain to my close friends, wondering what sort of credit card scam/grand theft auto Enterprise thought I was going to attempt while knowing where I live, my signature on the many forms I fill out, and a copy of my driver’s license, insurance card and power bill. My friends, sympathetic, offer me rides, cars, cash prizes, back rubs, the works. I feel ❤ and saved $250 I wouldn't have if Enterprise were able to type numbers.

Thank you Enterprise. I will definitely be back when I have a new card and a few back ups.

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