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How Enterprise Ultimately Saved Me $250 And Made Me Bond With My Friends

Sometimes it takes a crisis to learn what kind of community you have supporting you. When Jason wrecked his car, he took a bus over to Enterprise to rent a temporary replacement. For some reason, his debit card didn’t work in their machine. Punching in the numbers wasn’t an option, since their equipment wasn’t set up for Card Not Present transactions. He was forced to rely on and bond with his friends. [More]


Silly Customer Thinks Reserving A Vehicle From Enterprise Means Anything

Dan chose Enterprise to rent a van for his spring break vacation because the company offered the lowest price. What they couldn’t offer him was a van. Somewhat naively, he thought that using Enterprise’s online reservation system to reserve a vehicle would result in an actual vehicle being rented to him. No such luck. Now he’s left scrambling for a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone on his trip. [More]