Nike Pulls Panthers T-Shirt Because North Carolina Is Not Shaped Like South Carolina

North is up a-ways.

North is up a-ways.

States come in all kinds of funny shapes and sizes — that one’s squiggly, that one’s a rectangle and that one is a mitten, see? — so we can see how someone just eyeballing a state’s outline could get it wrong. Perhaps someone at Nike forget to check a map before printing up a batch of Carolina Panthers T-shirts with the team logo and an “NC” inside a the outline of a state.

Yes, “state: See, Nike chose the wrong Carolina outline — that of South Carolina, instead of the state where the team actually plays, North Carolina, reports

The mistake has prompted Nike to pull the geographically erroneous shirts from circulation, likely because no self-respecting sports fan would ever profess loyalty to the wrong state.

“A small quantity of incorrect Carolina Panthers T-shirts were recently made available for sale,” said Nike spokesman Brian Strong. “The product should not have been sold. We have removed it from sale and apologize for the error.”

To be fair, the Panthers did play one game in Clemson, S.C., back in their inaugural season in 1995. Anyone who owns the messed up shirts can just tell people that’s what it’s all about, yeah, that’s it!

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