The Best Cities For Gluten-Free Takeout Are… Kind Of Surprising, Actually

I’ve gotta say, at first, upon reading a headline about which cities in America are the most gluten-free-friendly for takeout orders, some of our nation’s biggest metropolises popped to mind. But upon perusing the list, there are quite a few somewhat surprising locales on the list, while other big diet-fad crazy cities are noticeably absent.

I like to think I’ve got an eye for gluten-free fare, as one of my favorite friends on the entire planet has a gluten intolerance (and is also one of the best gluten-free cooks I know). As such, whenever we eat out or order in, it means ticking through the list of New York City’s restaurants and sussing out which have a bunch of gluten-free options.

All that being said — NYC doesn’t make the list of GrubHub and the Huffington Post’s neat little infographic of the cities with the most gluten-free options, nor the list of cities with the most gluten-free orders. Los Angeles — another city one might think has a lot of diners with either a preference for no gluten or a dietary restriction — makes a weaker appearance than I’d expected. On the other hand, way to go, ye smaller cities, for paving the way for the rest of the gluten-free country.

Check out the lists below (and more on Huffington Post), which are interesting also in that they don’t totally line up — Some of the top cities for gluten-free options don’t appear on the list of cities with the most gluten-free orders. Which could indicate the gluten-intolerant denizens of some cities are simply making do with what they have.

Top 5 GrubHub Cities With The Most Gluten-Free Options
1. Detroit — 18% of GrubHub restaurants have gluten-free options
2. Stamford, Conn.  — 15%
3. Eugene, Ore. — 12%
4. Albany, N.Y. — 12 %
5. Phoenix, Ariz.  — 10%

Top 5 GrubHub Cities for Gluten-Free Orders
1. Seattle
2. Portland, Ore.
3. Eugene, Ore.
4. San Jose, calif.
5. Chicago

Most ordered gluten-free items: Pizza, salad, burger, wrap, sandwich

Gluten-Free Takeout: Which Cities Have The Most G-Free Friendly Restaurants? [Huffington Post]

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